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Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy – micro-needling or dermaroller with PRP, will improve the appearance of your skin’s lines, texture, wrinkles and scars.

Needles also vary in the type of metal as some are gold covered and some are insulated and non-insulted. The insulated needles are the most popular as the bottom 0.4mm of the needle is exposed so the RF energy transmits where targeted and not at the epidermis where the most nerve endings are. The insulated needles make for a more comfortable treatment while the non-insulated needles will produce more tightening with a longer downtime and more pain.

The stamping devices, or “microneedling pens”, have been listed by the FDA as adulterated and not FDA cleared and are typically powered by a motor and can be adjusted for frequency (stamps/second) and depth of the microneedles. These “pens” are marketed under a number of brand names, such as SkinPen, DermaPen, Micropen, and InnoPen.